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Contract Engineer Job Description

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    8 months ago
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    Human Resources
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    April 17, 2019
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Contract Engineer Job Description:

A Contract Engineer is a specialist in the field of engineering, who oversees projects, conducts reviews and studies the legalities of the contract between the client and the engineer and makes sure that all terms of the contract are tended to fairly. A contract engineer also must draft commercial tenders, and also sometimes must estimate the budgets of a specific project, before the administrating or awarding of the contract.


Contract Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

A Contract Engineer deals mainly with writing up and preparing the paperwork, and working on the contractual conditions of a project, between the clients and the engineers. Because a contract engineer is often the person between two businesses, their job can take on a lot of responsibilities and duties. We analyzed several job postings to identify these common Contract Engineer duties and responsibilities.

Draft Contracts

Contract Engineers draft and review contracts, often adding or changing clauses according to the specifications of stakeholders.

Handle Issues with Contracts

During each stage of development, problems with contracts can arise, and a contract engineer must be able to allay them.

Keep Records

This includes drawings, field notes, sketches, reference manuals and any other engineering materials and making sure that they are noted in the contract, and that all information is dictated.

Execute Contracts

During the development process, letters must be drafted and signed by various people including clients, subcontractors, project managers and governmental overseers.



This job has expired.